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Faded Dreams~ L x (M/F) Reader
"Please." I begged as I looked at L as he typed away on the computer and ate a lollipop. "For the last time no." He said sternly as he finally looked up at me. "Not even a little one?" I asked him with my innocent puppy dog face. As he looked at me with his usual expression, I could see his resolve crack. I've known him for years, but my cuteness always won him over.
          "Fine." He grumbled as he grabbed a/an (f/f) lollipop out of practicality no where. "Thank you." I said sweetly as he handed me the candy. "You use your cuteness to manipulate others and you also act clueless to avoid confrontation with anything serious." He stated before continuing his work. His observation was right, of course. Most of them were, but I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of me telling him he's right.
          "I didn't ask for your opinion on me." I replied unwrapping the sweet before
:iconcopperrebel:CopperRebel 20 12
It wasn't me! Light x male!reader [oneshot?]
(Beware cussing you have been warned)
YOU ASSHOLE!! you scream as tears fell down your face. W-what did I do Light says shuttering y-you killed my sister you said breaking down crying she died in a heart attack but she was completely healthy you knew about Lights secret he told you the day you guys started dating. YOUR THE ONLY ONE WHO HAS THAT POWER LIGHT YOUR THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN KILL PEOPLE you screamed loudly. He looked at you confused he doesn't remember killing her and he only kills criminals and he knew how much your little sister meant to you. S-she was only 10 you said whimpered he could kill anyone he wanted but kiLling your sister went too far. As you fall down on your knees Light try's putting his hand on your shoulders you flinch away GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM ME! You growled at him he ignores you and pulls you in a hug you hug back tightly crying in his shoulder. You know "we found out their maybe a second Kira" light mumbled in you shoulder you suddenly felt guilty you knew
:iconxxandybiersack:XxAndybiersack 45 41
Eyes Open (L x Male!Reader) -REQUEST-
He’d always kiss you with his eyes open.
The fact had shocked you when you’d first realized it, but after you’d thought it over a bit, it just seemed like him. He was quirky; this you knew. You didn’t blame him. He was such a good detective that you thought he deserved to be as quirky as he wanted.
You’d come onto the task force per L’s request. Watari had phoned your house in (home country) looking for your father, who had worked with L on a previous investigation. You had had to explain to the man that your father had passed in a tragic car accident a year prior, and you had offered your help as an up-and-coming detective. After a bit of consideration, L had accepted your request through Watari.
So you had come to Japan to help out with the Kira investigation. You had been quite surprised to meet the famous L, and he hadn’t exactly fit your mental image of who’d you’d thought L would be. But after you’d seen him work, you kn
:iconshadowsbyday:ShadowsByDay 303 110
Severus x Reader: I Promise
You were walking down the hall on your way to the library. You were in (House) House, and you had a crush on Severus. Sadly, you knew how much he loved Lily Evans.
You wanted him to be happy, so you never told him how you felt. You were still his best friend, and you could never hold anything against Lily at all.
Today would have been a great day if you hadn't saw Severus being bullied by the Marauders again. Of course, James Potter was the worst of the lot. He had always picked fights with Severus.
You saw Severus fall onto the floor. "How do you like it that I have Lily, Snivellus?" he questioned taunting Severus.
Okay. Now you had something to hold against Lily. She has known Severus for as I have, but she is dating the guy that always bullies him?! He stood up for her, and she stabs him in the back. How can she even call herself his friend? You thought as you walked over to them.
You stood your ground between Severus and James. "Back off Potter. Don't you have classes to fai
:iconreinetier-guenhwyvar:Reinetier-Guenhwyvar 62 20
Severus Snape x Reader Drabble
Severus Snape X reader drabble
You and Severus sat in his classroom grading papers for your respective subjects.  His was obviously Potions and yours was Defensive Magical theory but there was a practical component as well.
The fact that Severus let you mark papers in his room astounded many of the other professors but strangely, the arrangement worked well.  It probably didn't hurt that you were in a relationship with the Potions professor either.
Your musings were disrupted when the nub of your quill broke.  "Damn."  You sighed before pulling out your wand and drawing it down the stem of your quill.  "Reparo."
"That isn't how you perform the spell, (Name)." Severus said without looking up.
"I know.  It makes the quill last longer although it doesn't stop it from breaking." You replied, not noticing his eyes widen.
"How long have you been doing the spell that way?"  Severus asked, looking at you.
"Since fifth year when Professor Flitwick mentioned di
:iconscrougeofares:scrougeofares 116 7
Severus Snape x Student!Reader - Ten Points
 You sat in the Potions class for first years for the second year in a row. It wasn't that you were dumb, but rather Severus Snape hated everything about you in every way. You felt the same way about him when he bullied your friend, Harry Potter. You watched as Snape passed out his recently graded test from a couple of days ago. You flinched when your test was placed in front of you. A large T was circled at the top of your parchment. You didn't understand how you managed to fail. You saw a note at the bottom of your paper:
                                             I'll see you in this class you next year, Ms. (Last Name)
"Now," Snape said, "who can tell me what was wrong with this test?"
 "You were allowed to grade it," Y
:iconanimus43art:Animus43art 48 4
Surprise [Prussia x Male!Reader]
“C-C’mon Gilbert…this isn’t fu-”
Extended Ending
Gilbert downed the last contents of his beer mug, wincing as the large bruise on his cheek slightly throbbed. “I don’t see vhy he was so upset. Meine awesome hands would have fondled his awesome ass that is less awesome than mein own awesomely.”
:iconxtsu-chan:xTsu-chan 453 72
Uke Of Two?! - Aoba x Male!Reader x Ren
Uke Of Two?! - Aoba x Male!Reader x Ren

"-I'm sexy and I know it!~" Y/N sang as he moves his hips to the beat of the song. The young boy was currently alone in his small house, or so he thought. What he didn't know, was that his blunette boyfriend had come home early from the Junko Shop, and had been watching Y/N for about 30 minutes now. "I got a passion in my pants, and I ain't afraid to show it- EH?!" Y/N yelped as he felt arms wrap around his waist, pulling his "attacker" and him onto the couch. "Hey babe~" Aoba smiled as he looked at his boyfriend, his face now blooming a dark shade of red. "Y-You were n-not watching me, r-right?" He stuttered while slightly glaring at Aoba.
Aoba only smirked in response, hugging Y/N to his chest even more. "Yep! And I'm so glad I got home earlier than usual too~" Y/N's face then became covered in another shade of red, out of embarrassment and of anger. "W-When did you get home anyways!?" He looked the other way, still in Aoba's embra
:iconshewolfplayer:SheWolfPlayer 431 39
Belarus x Male!Reader: Marry me!
Belarus had never been a very sociable person. She didn’t need to. All she needed in her life was her big brother, Russia. She loved her brother dearly, so much so that she wanted nothing more for their hearts to be one and their love to be shared forever. But…her brother didn’t agree with that.
She didn’t understand why her brother did not want to become one. To get married, have kids, and love each other forever and ever. She couldn’t comprehend it. That’s why she gave up on begging and turned to threatening. It wasn’t something she was awfully proud of, but she did it all the same
Now, things had been like this for a long time. Ever since Belarus had grown up to a teenager. She couldn’t help for her heart to beat quickly when she saw her brother. She couldn’t help but to want to hug her brother, to kiss him and to love him. And his smile…it could have made anyone melt
There was this other person in her life (m
:iconlive-for-the-stars:live-for-the-stars 453 154
(L x Male Reader) New Fate Ch. 2
    "Light Yagami, [First] [Last]. Please come up."
    We stood in front of our peers, nervous in the lime light. Light cleared his throat, putting on a confident smirk.
    "We ring you our project. Our main idea is to shed some light on... Kira."
    I unfurled the sheet that hid our large poster. The class awed at it. Mug shots and photos of crime scenes littered the board, connected by multicolored strings, showing links in Kira's plans and strategies. Small clippings of news articles and police reports intertwined between the strings.
    We took turns expressing Kira's ideas and targets. After fifteen or so minutes, we began to deduct possible leads as to who the mysterious killer was. When the teacher's timer rung, we bowed to the applause.
    In the halls, random classmates congratulated us, assuring us we would win.
    Outside the school, Light and I stood face to face, shaking hands.
:iconallloveiswelcome:AllLoveIsWelcome 30 8
This Time, I'll Save You Too
   This Time, I’ll Save You Too
   I don’t know how many times I’ve done this now. How many times I’ve gone through this world again, and again, befriending everyone, and all of us escaping in the end. I’ve done this so many times, and yet there have been times where I’ve saved one other soul that I couldn’t save any other time before. And that, was Chara’s soul.
   It was a long time ago when I did it. When I killed everyone. I hated it. I hated it more than anything, and I threw up every time someone died. Heck, when I had to fight Sans, he actually questioned me why I always had tears in my eyes, and why I hesitated before I took every life. He asked me why I looked like I wanted to kill myself so I could redo it all. But I didn’t answer, there would have been no point. It took me a while. Not only was it hard for me to fight someone that was such a good friend, but every time I went down the pacifis
:iconprince-zodiac:Prince-Zodiac 18 8
Mature content
Emo Charlie x Emo!Reader (LEMON) :iconalexandirareneewhite:AlexandiraReneeWhite 7 9
More Unfinished Smut - Randy
Ronnie's P.O.V
I sighed as I pulled up outside my home after a long day at work, shutting off my cars ignition then allowing myself to flop against the seat.  Work had been hard today and all I wanted to do was relax. I loosened my tie and climbed out my car, locking it then jogging up the steps that lead to the apartment that I shared with my recent boyfriend, Andy.
Andy was undoubtedly the best boyfriend I had ever had, beautiful, talented, funny the list was endless. He was also in a band like me, my band had been playing support for his band when we had met and of course it was love at first sight. After a few months of knowing each other, and sneaking around behind our band members backs, we had decided to move in with each other. The downside to our relationship was obviously the slight age difference between us and the fact that Andy was still a virgin adding to the fact that he was also quite scared to move our 'physical' relationship any further. But I didn't care, I
:iconbvbgirl1234:BVBGirl1234 26 6
Ivy's Smut Writing Tips #2
Hello Guys, Ivy is back again with her bandslash smut tips!
I did one of these before but now that I look back on it I really don't think that I put much effort into it and I felt that I didn't really explain everything fully. So I'm going to re-write them!
And this time I'm going to give you guys examples and stuff using; Andley.
Obviously I'll still keep the original one I did up, but I hope that this one will be clearer and much more helpful!
Background Story
Right so in smut there needs to be a background story, I believe that if there's a cute little background story behind it then it makes the smut much more believable. But don't get me wrong there is nothing wrong with writing a piece which just involves the characters getting it on, sometimes that can be pretty hot. But as you know me when I write smut I try to involve a background story, it can be as short or as detailed as you wish but I just feel that it makes it better!
Words and Dialogue
Dialogue is quite impo
:iconbvbgirl1234:BVBGirl1234 97 21
Ivy's Smut Writing Tips
Ivy's Smut Tip's
In this piece of writing I will be explaining to all you lovely lot how I write my band slash sexy scenes. I know what your thinking 'Ewww Ivy but some of your smut is really detailed and I could never do that," Well the secret my dears is practice, once you overcome that wall of saying no I can't put this and that in my writing, people would think I'm sex craved! Once that's over you'll be surprised that you could write them banging each other with baseball bats...not recommended.
So let's start this shit then!
1.Setting the scene
In smut you obviously need a place or area where your two characters can romp to their hearts content. It's no fun if you just place them in a bed is it? That just takes all the imagination away just throwing them in a bed and saying 'Get to it' No my dears we do not do this.
To get you started I'm going to share my favourite little places to put my characters in;
-Tents, Underneath the moonlight with the stars shining in each others eyes as
:iconbvbgirl1234:BVBGirl1234 194 70
Passionated Hardworker by Riurekai Passionated Hardworker :iconriurekai:Riurekai 9 0


Ayye, um. I like doing requests and i usually do them for free unless they're really difficult.. so, you can just ask me and I'll do them for you :33


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